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LabFinder is All About Improving the Patient Experience
June 29, 20174 min read

It’s surprising that in today’s world, there are still apps and platforms that don’t meet some particular need consumers might have. It feels like everywhere we look, there’s an app for this or a platform for that.

But every once in awhile, we realize there’s one need that isn’t being met – one convenience that those who create these programs seemed to have overlooked. And up until recently, there was just that sort of inconvenience in the medical world: we still had to run all over the planet and back to get our medical records, and try and find a way to keep them all in one place.

LabFinder CEO Dr. Robert Segal

That’s when renowned cardiologist, Dr. Robert Segal (picture left), had an idea. If multiple doctors meant multiple tests from multiple imaging offices, how was a patient expected to keep tabs on all of it? How could that be made easier for them? And not just record-keeping, but the very practice of trying to schedule all those tests (and hours lost sitting on hold to do so). Co-founded with business partner, Chris Cecora, LabFinder was born.

LabFinder, a scheduling and record-keeping platform that targets any and all lab work a patient needs, is changing the game as we know it. Based in Manhattan, LabFinder seeks to improve the patient experience at doctors’ offices and test centers and allow patients to be more engaged about their health.

When a doctor orders a lab test or radiology exam, with a quick input of test type, zip code, and insurance carrier, a patient can book their own appointment with an in-network testing center. It reduces the cost for both patient and the insurance company, as the patient’s search results will only display test centers that participate with their particular health insurance. The patient is also educated about the full costs upfront based on factors such as out-of-pocket and deductibles (or full cost if the patient has no insurance).

According to Dr. Segal, “It’s so common for patients to get a lab or radiology test and think that their insurance will cover the costs, but what happens is the patient ends up with a huge out-of-network bill that they are responsible for covering. LabFinder serves to help patients avoid this.”

The benefits of LabFinder extend far beyond saving money – 70% of medical decisions are based on diagnostic tests, and if test results are easily accessible to patients, they can then take actions to prevent illnesses and/or receive medical treatment in a timelier manner. Test results are automatically uploaded to the patient’s secure, online account at LabFinder.com, and they can be viewed and shared at any time. This means that even when a patient switches doctors or is working with multiple specialists, they can instantly show their test results instead of waiting for office receptionist to send them – an outdated practice that can take weeks, Dr. Segal notes. The accessibility of test results also eliminates the need for repeated tests, as well as the handling costs that some doctors and centers charge for providing copies of previous test results.

LabFinder currently has partnerships all over New York with labs and radiology centers, and over 18,000 patient users. Their numbers continue to grow each month, and they have started to spread that growth to New Jersey and Florida, with more locations to come. Dr. Segal envisions the next step of Labfinder to include a mobile app, allowing any patient to access their test results on the go. With just a few quick taps, a patient can pull up their test results on their phone and send to their doctor if needed.

Dr. Segal is optimistic in the success of LabFinder. His aim is for patients to be empowered about their health with LabFinder; they know their own health better than anyone, and should be able to get the treatment they need when they need it. After all, there’s nothing more important than a patient getting the care they need as soon as possible, and hopefully, without breaking the bank. And Labfinder is just what the healthcare industry needs to see that through.


LabFinder is a no-cost, online platform for people to easily schedule their medical tests and view results securely. The LabFinder team is passionate about improving the ‘patient and doctor experience’ through better communication, reduce out-of-pocket expenses and making everyone know more about their own medical tests. The mission of LabFinder is simple: we want to be solution to you and get you the test results you deserve so you can make right choices about your health.


Written by: LabFinder Team / Approved by: Dr. Robert Segal, M.D.