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The Heart Test That Could Save Your Life
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The Heart Test That Could Save Your Life
Feb 14, LabFinder Team

If you’ve seen the episode This Is Us that aired after the big game, you finally found out how Jack Pearson met his untimely end. Recently Dr. Robert Segal, Founder of LabFinder, spoke with POPSUGAR about Jack’s condition and what makes a heart attack a “Widowmaker”. It’s incredibly important to know whether or not you are at risk for a heart attack and LabFinder is here to help.

At LabFinder, our purpose and primary focus is to empower patients, by giving them easier access to the preventative care and tests that have the potential to save their life. As we share the symptoms and signs of a heart attack, we also want to highlight a simple CT scan that can identify whether you’re currently at risk of a heart attack.

The Coronary Calcium Score Heart Scan is one of the most effective tests in assessing heart attack risk – as it identifies the presence of plaque buildup in the heart itself, rather than simply elevated cholesterol in the bloodstream. In fact, this test is so effective that the government requires diagnostic centers to charge a flat rate of $99, making it affordable for everyone.

Special x-ray equipment is required to determine if the coronary arteries are blocked or narrowed by the buildup of plaque, which is an indicator for atherosclerosis or coronary artery disease (CAD). Coronary artery disease happens to be one of the most common culprits behind heart attacks, as the buildup of cholesterol or plaque causes the narrowing or hardening of the arteries.

We strongly suggest scheduling your Coronary Calcium Score if you are at risk for or have a history of:

• High Blood Pressure

• High Cholesterol

• Family History of Heart Disease

• Diabetes

• Cigarette Smoking

• Overweight or Obese

• Physical Inactivity

LabFinder makes scheduling this test easy, as there is no cost to the patient to use our platform. To book your test, simply enter “Coronary Calcium Score (Heart Scan)” under exam, enter your zip code and choose your insurance. From there, you can read reviews and book your appointment with the practice of your choice. Following your visit, you will receive your results within three to five business days in your LabFinder portal. Your results can be shared with your doctor to assess if you are at risk of a heart attack.

Take control of your heath care and schedule your Coronary Calcium Score Heart Scan today.


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