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Wedding Season: 4 Key Medical Tests Before Tying The Knot
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Wedding Season: 4 Key Medical Tests Before Tying The Knot
Mar 16, LabFinder Team

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Planning a ring for Spring? Marriage is the ultimate sign of trust and it’s important to know any medical conditions that you or your partner may have. Staying on the lookout for both people in the relationship will minimize health concerns down the road. Considering different forms of testing can be unsettling at times but it is an important step on the road to your happily-ever-after.  

LabFinder makes getting tested easy! Simply select your medical test, zip code, health insurance, and date, and we’ll find the nearest testing location for you. Medical tests can be overwhelming – consider the following when when choosing which test to schedule:


  • It may not be the easiest thing to talk about, but having a mutual understanding about sexual history with your partner can help set a precedent for a healthy relationship. Learning the facts will help give some context to past sexual contact and help you gauge whether or not you’ve possibly been exposed to an STI/STD. That being said, the only way to know for sure is to get testedLabFinder differentiates testing for STDs between male and female testing to provide accurate results immediately while avoiding the search for a laboratory that fits you best.


  • If establishing a family is a goal for you and your partner, prioritizing your own health is essential. Conditions such as low testosterone levels may add more stress to this exciting part of your life than necessary. If you suspect you may have low testosterone levels, you aren’t alone – 1 in 4 men over 30 have this deficiency. If you’re affected by the condition, you may notice sleep disturbances, lethargy, decreased physical performance, and depression among other symptoms. Not all men with low levels of testosterone are initially affected, but symptoms may surface in the future.  The best way to know if your testosterone levels are normal is to take a testosterone level test. It’s a simple blood test – a small price to pay for peace of mind!


  • For females, an incredibly important test to have conducted regularly is a mammogram. When thinking about starting a family (or even just planning on spending your life with a partner) it’s critical to make your health a priority! Nearly everyone knows someone who’s life has been touched by breast cancer and it’s estimated that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Getting a mammogram done regularly is key to early detection, and early detection is the key to beating any potential cancer. Be proactive and schedule a mammogram today!


  • Being around for your significant other is what a relationship is all about, right? Being physically active and sticking to a balanced diet will affect more than just yourself – making healthy choices is important! Scheduling a cholesterol blood test panel or a coronary calcium score heart scan only takes a few minutes through LabFinder and could save your life! 1 out of every 4 of deaths in the United States occur from heart attacks – lower your risk by scheduling a test through LabFinder! 

Your relationship is important, so make your health and the health of your partner a priority! At LabFinder, we only want the best for you both. Scheduling regular screenings and tests is the best way to be proactive with your health – and it’s key for early detection of many diseases and conditions. You’ll receive your test results at the same time as your doctor and all of your past results will be stored online in our secure portal for you to reference whenever you like! Happy wedding season! 

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