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3 Reasons to Schedule a Checkup this Month
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3 Reasons to Schedule a Checkup this Month
Apr 30, LabFinder Team

It’s been a brutal winter for us here in New York, but spring is finally here! After we’ve thawed out, spring marks the time to get things squared away for the months ahead. As you pack up winter jackets and clean out the garage, be sure to make time for yourself this season. While your overall health isn’t something you think about in your day-to-day life, scheduling a general checkup with your doctor can save time, money, and even your life!

Scheduling a regular checkup is key for 3 reasons:

1. Accurate & Updated Medical History

Medical records can be tricky. If you’ve changed doctors, your new doctor may not have access to your past health records — including immunizations, prescribed medications, and results from your past medical tests. Scheduling regular checkups will ensure your medical records are consistent and accurate, which can inform important decisions in the future. Having an annual checkup is also a great way to develop a relationship with your primary care physician. The better your physician knows you, the better they can sense changes in your physical condition or mental health. And the more comfortable you are with your doctor, the more likely you are to be honest about things like poor exercise habits or occasional drug use.

2. Early Detection

If you’re not feeling under the weather, you’re not likely to see a doctor. By making a point to visit your doctor for a general checkup, you’re giving your physician the chance to catch any potential issues before they become a major problem. Generally, the earlier a disease or condition is detected, the better chance it can be cured or managed. While not all diseases or conditions can be caught during a routine checkup, there are certain red flags that may catch your physician’s attention.

3. Get To Know Your Doctor (& Vice Versa)

You’re not the same person you were 10 years ago, you’re not even the same person you were last year! Drinking more or picking up smoking are examples of lifestyle changes that can negatively affect your health. It’s incredibly important that you disclose this information to your doctor, as these changes can cause major complications with prescription medications. Your annual checkup is a great opportunity to let your physician know if you’ve been feeling anxious lately or haven’t been sleeping well — any recent changes that could impact your treatment plan.

We understand that your busy schedule may prevent you from getting an annual checkup. We get it, life can be crazy. But listen to us when we say that it’s in your best interest to get in there and see your physician. It’s a small time investment that could save your life!



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