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Men’s Health Month: 3 Conditions Caused By Low Testosterone
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Men’s Health Month: 3 Conditions Caused By Low Testosterone
Jun 28, LabFinder Team

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June is Men’s Health Month, and we’re taking the time to discuss one of the most widespread and under-diagnosed conditions: Low T. Recent studies suggest that as many as1 in 4 men over age 30 struggle with low testosterone levels. Low T levels can affect almost every aspect in your daily life, and can cause depression, weight gain, sleeplessness, and frustration in the bedroom. The only way to know for sure if you have low testosterone levels is to get tested, as many of the symptoms can manifest as an entirely separate condition! If you believe that you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, schedule a test ASAP!

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the more well-known conditions caused by low testosterone levels. It can be tough to diagnose because it can either be a sign of a physical and/or a psychological condition. While the main symptom is a man’s inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse, it can also cause emotional distress through relationship strain, depression, and low self-confidence. If you think you may be living with erectile dysfunction and you don’t have any underlying mental or physical conditions – it’s time to book a testosterone level test.

Insomnia / Sleep Disturbances

Even when sleeping 8 hours a night, if you’re not getting quality sleep you’re going to feel it the next day. Your body naturally produces testosterone at night, but this only occurs during deep (REM) sleep. A lack of quality sleep results in high cortisol levels, which causes low testosterone. Low T levels cause insomnia and deep sleep disruptions, and a lack of sleep causes low testosterone levels. It’s a vicious cycle that can seem impossible to escape. The best way to get yourself back on track is to find out if low testosterone levels are the root of the problem, and the only way to know for sure is to get tested!

Fatigue / Decreased Muscle Mass

When your testosterone levels are lower than they should be, your hormone levels become unbalanced and estrogen levels increase. Testosterone helps build muscle mass and if your levels are low, it’s much harder for your body to add lean muscle. This can be a double-edged sword, as low T levels can impact your mood and contribute to excessive fatigue (all of which makes staying active the last thing your body wants to do). If you’re having trouble building muscle and/or are experiencing chronic fatigue, book an appointment — diagnosis is the first step before treatment!

Low testosterone levels can be linked to major health risks, including a decrease in muscle mass, low sex drive, and potentially even high blood pressure or diabetes. A quick and easy blood test that only takes a few minutes is all it takes to get the answers you need. Book your appointment with LabFinder to find the most convenient testing location, plus you’ll receive your results at the exact same time as your doctor!

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