When to Stop If You’re Too Hot

Jul 30 • 1 min read

Jen ran a 5K on the Fourth of July and felt as if she was melting into the ground. She was pretty sure she’d be O.K. since the race was in the morning, it was short, and she was getting used to running in the summer in New Jersey.

But running in these conditions can be dangerous and result in heat-related injury. Sometimes that means just feeling lousy, but in the worst case scenario, organs start shutting down and, yes, you can die.

Jen asked Dr. Amnon Beniaminovitz of the Medical Offices of Manhattan the warning signs that you’re in the danger zone, and what to do if you have a heat-related problem or want to help someone else who does.

Read when Dr. Amnon Beniaminovitz thinks it’s best to stop if you’re too hot here.

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