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When Is The Flu Shot Available In 2018? You Can Get It Now, But Here’s Why You Might Want To Wait
Sep 06, LabFinder

Your local pharmacy might already have promotions running for this season’s flu vaccine, but is it too early to get the flu shot? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends getting vaccinated by the end of October because that’s about when the flu usually starts spreading. But LiveScience says flu season is unpredictable and doesn’t always start and end at the same time every year. Last season, for example, was a brutal flu season that lasted longer than expected and resulted in the highest child death count from the flu in the last five years, CNN reported. Not only is flu season not guaranteed to start in October, but the CDC says another factor to consider when timing your flu vaccination is that immunity takes about two weeks to build up in your system after you get vaccinated.

Dr. Robert Segal, told Bustle you should get the vaccine basically as soon as it’s available “for better protection and to ensure that there is no shortage of access to the vaccine.” According to Dr. Segal, there’s no benefit to waiting to get vaccinated. “It is best to get the flu shot as soon as it becomes available to protect yourself and others as soon as possible.”

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