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Bustle: What Women Who’ve Had Lyme Disease Want You To Know About It
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Bustle: What Women Who’ve Had Lyme Disease Want You To Know About It
Oct 24, LabFinder Team

The three times in my life I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease, I was lucky. I was lucky I lived in a community where people knew what Lyme disease was (I grew up an hour away from Lyme, Connecticut, where it was first discovered). I was lucky I knew what to look for (a red, bullseye-shaped rash). And I was lucky to catch the disease relatively quickly when it has the best chance of being treated with a quick course of antibiotics.

Not all people who develop Lyme disease — a tick-borne bacterial infection that can cause fatigue, joint pain, and flu-like symptoms, among other effects — are so lucky. Though the disease has become more widespread outside of the northeast since it was discovered in the ‘70s, awareness around the disease has not spread as quickly. A common theme for people who live with Lyme disease is having to search for doctors who won’t dismiss their symptoms as a function of medical gender bias — or bias against the different forms of Lyme itself.

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