Reader’s Digest: 14 Body Odors You Should Never Ignore
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Reader’s Digest: 14 Body Odors You Should Never Ignore
Nov 07, LabFinder Team

Body odor, from head to toes, can alert doctors to potential health issues—even cancer. Find out what those distinctive smells may signal.

1. Foul body odor

If a shower can’t cut the odor being emitted from your pits, it could be a sign of a magnesium deficiency. “The mineral magnesium helps in ‘deodorizing’ our internal organs and also helps with our body odor,” says cardiologist Robert Segal, MD, Co-founder of LabFinder. When we consume too much caffeine and sugar and processed foods, it can deplete magnesium levels. If you’re not smelling so fresh and have other symptoms like muscle cramping, twitching or numbness, and tingling, ask your doc about a simple blood test to check your magnesium levels. Read more about what your body odor is really trying to tell you.

2. More BO

If you have a digestive disorder such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, you could be short on zinc. This mineral helps your body manage waste and toxins, says Dr. Segal..

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