Well and Good: And the Temperature at Which It’s Too Cold to be Working Outside is…
February 06, 20191 min read

Working out outside has a long list of perks: First of all, it is completely free. Then you get the added (scenic) benefit of being out in nature, a built-in subtle incline that revs up your run, and the opportunity to sightsee as you sweat versus, say, watching the Food Network or staring at an empty treadmill in front of you.

Of course, along with the perks comes one very real factor that can make or break your outdoor workout: the weather. Obviously, having anything falling from the sky means your workout isn’t happening outside of the gym. But the temperature is a whole other story. If you’ve ever gone for a run in the cold, I’m sure you’re familiar with having your lungs hurt. But besides that—which, in case you were wondering, happens because of the dry air hitting your lungs—sometimes it just feels too brutally cold to sweat out there in the elements.

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