LabFinder Patient Testimonial – Breast Cancer
October 14, 20202 min read

There is no denying that being diagnosed with breast cancer is a trying time for anyone. Not only for the patient but for the patient’s family and loved ones as well. The looming threat of the unknown can either bring an enlightened perspective or anxiety, depending on the individual. During this time, LabFinder campaigns vigorously to promote mammograms for breast cancer awareness. However, for us, every month is breast cancer awareness month. A perfect example of that is the story of Barbara, a LabFinder patient. 


We’ve had the utmost pleasure of sitting down with Barabra, who was courageous enough to share her patient journey regarding breast cancer experience. Fortunately, Barbara is now in remission by enduring numerous types of treatments and myriad complications. However, through it all, Barbara has weathered the storm and persevered. Her story evokes true inspiration not only for anyone who’s recently diagnosed but for everyone. 



You can schedule an appointment for a mammogram or BRCA testing with Labfinder. LabFinder offers various medical tests with a secure patient portal that seamlessly integrates results from any lab or radiology imaging center in our system. Click to book your mammogram appointment or BRCA test. Thank you, Barbara!