LabFinder Named Among Top 100 Digital Health Innovators in New York Region

Digital Health New York has named LabFinder the New York Digital Health 100, a list of forward-thinking startups working to make New York a healthcare innovation hub.

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LabFinder’s commitment to patient empowerment has led to more than a million patients finding the correct and most affordable lab and radiology tests since 2016, and now LabFinder has been named to the Digital Health 100 in recognition of its continued innovative and transformative healthcare practices.

“We are working hard every day to help improve access to healthcare, and DHNY’s recognition fuels our mission and dedication to reach more patients and providers,” said Dr. Robert Segal M.D., CEO and founder of LabFinder. “The LabFinder team is very grateful to receive this honor and proud to be included in the DH100 family.”

LabFinder guides patients every step of the way―from booking to billing. Whether it’s simplified lab and radiology scheduling, high-quality telehealth services, or 24/7 portal access, patients who use LabFinder services can focus on their health instead of worrying about unexpected bills, confusing communication processes, and general frustrations.

Simplifying Scheduling

As an all-in-one platform, LabFinder allows patients 24/7 access to our online scheduling system. The ability to review the details of their test site, such as customer reviews and location FAQs, ensures that patients are comfortable with their scheduling decision. Should a patient need a referral but not have the time for an in-office visit, LabFinder’s telehealth option, MinuteMed, is the easy solution. Board-certified medical professionals can quickly assess patients and provide a doctor’s order as appropriate.

The simplified scheduling system benefits not only patients but also the doctors and labs that utilize it. The platform directly connects patients to the businesses and locations that provide the exact services that a patient needs. In doing so, LabFinder:

  • Removes uncertainty about location testing services
  • Improves business visibility
  • Builds patients confidence
  • Reduces in-office workload and burnout

Improved Communication

Patients who schedule through LabFinder will receive an appointment reminder 24 hours before their visit. Like LabFinder’s scheduling process, test results are available to patients 24/7, allowing them to make decisions at their convenience and on their own terms. Providing patients with the same details as their doctors means everyone is on the same page at all times. This can lead to more productive and meaningful conversations between patient and provider and helps build trust and understanding between the two.

Combating Unexpected Expenses

Two-thirds of adults worry about receiving an unexpected medical bill, which is why LabFinder aims to be as cost transparent as possible. Patients with a free LabFinder account can use the cost transparency tool to estimate the costs of a wide range of lab and radiology tests. The cost estimator helps remove the unpleasant surprise of unexpected medical expenses and ensures that patients understand any upcoming charges.

Leading the Way and Empowering Patients

LabFinder offers patients what they need when they need it―no waiting on hold, no unnecessary appointments, and no worrying about what comes next. Connecting patients to the right provider for their needs takes the guesswork out of scheduling care while improving business visibility. LabFinder offers patients quick and easy access to a number of convenient tools:

  • 24/7 online scheduling and test result viewing
  • MinuteMed telehealth professional for test and lab referrals
  • Cost estimator tool for a wide range of medical services

By putting options at the fingertips of our patients, doctors, and labs, LabFinder is improving confidence in the healthcare system one appointment at a time.

Patients, if you are ready to schedule your next appointment, LabFinder can help. Visit our website and take charge of your health.

Providers, interested in how LabFinder can help optimize your operations? You can learn more about all the services that LabFinder offers by visiting this page.