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In a recent survey as part of the Outbreak Project in Australia designed to curb antibiotic resistance has revealed alarmingly limited health literacy despite the Coronavirus pandemic and all of the medical terminology. The research conducted by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO and the University of Technology surveyed 2127 adults, finding:

• 92% did not know […]

While most discussion about the harmful effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus has revolved around the damage it can do to your lungs, research has indicated that the virus can also cause potentially dangerous injuries to your heart. While the impact of the coronavirus on heart health has not yet been fully gauged, some things […]

Sensitivity and specificity are terms generally used by physicians, medical researchers, and epidemiologists. Currently, the mainstream media widely use these terms without a clear direction to help their audience understand what they are. What does it measure? How it affects our decision making capability regarding both personal and professional medical care?

This discipline of biostatistics […]

Serology tests are blood-based tests that can be used to identify whether people have been exposed to a particular pathogen. Serology-based tests analyze the serum component of whole blood. The serum includes antibodies to specific components of pathogens, called antigens. These antigens are recognized by the immune system as foreign and are targeted by […]

As the world tries to stay ahead of the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, or COVID-19, we at LabFinder try our best to stay ahead of the education surrounding all of the latest in medical testing. There can be some confusion regarding the different types of Antibody Tests currently on the market. So here are the […]

Contact tracing is a term usually used by epidemiologists. However, now it’s being used by the mainstream media daily to help educate the general public regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19. Contact tracing is a critical process to help combat the spread of the virus. So what exactly does it mean? What does it […]