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Bay Ridge Medical Imaging of Narrows

9920 4th Avenue Brooklyn, New York, 11209NYUS

Company : Bay Ridge Medical Imaging P.C
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Radiological exams are performed to see inside your body for the purpose of an accurate diagnosis. Bay Ridge Medical Imaging performs several types of radiological examinations including: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Bone Densitometry, Digital Mammography, Computed Tomography (CT), Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology and Ultrasonography.

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Licenses and Accreditations

ACR (American College of Radiology)

Radiology Exam Info

Bone Density (DEXA)
CT Angiography (CTA)
CT Scan
CT Scan: Abdomen / Hip/ Pelvis
CT Scan: Back (Spine)
CT Scan: Face
CT Scan: Head / Neck
CT Scan: Lower Extremity (Leg/Foot)
CT Scan: Upper Extremity (Arm/Hand)
Heart Screening
Most Popular Imaging Tests
MRI: Abdomen / Hip / Pelvis
MRI: Back (Spine)
MRI: Breast
MRI: Head / Neck
MRI: Lower Extremity (Leg/Foot)
MRI: Upper Extremity (Arm/Hand)
Ultrasound (Sonogram)
Ultrasound: Abdomen and Pelvis
Ultrasound: Extremities (Arm/Leg)
Ultrasound: Neck/Carotid
X-Ray: Abdomen
X-Ray: Arm/Hand
X-Ray: Back (Spine)
X-Ray: Chest
X-Ray: Head/Neck
X-Ray: Hip/Pelvis
X-Ray: Leg/Foot
Bone Density (DEXA)

Verified Patient Reviews

By Confirmed Patient

Great experience overall. Staff was courteous , knowledgeable, and efficient. I was really nervous about my appointment, but everyone was so helpful and nice and really calmed me down. I was in and out of my appointment, in 45 minutes. Would definitely recommend!!