OHSU K-12 COVID Screening Program

We wanted to thank you one last time as the K-12 COVID Screening Program ends. We couldn’t have run this program without your cooperation and engagement.

Here is the timeline for the last couple of weeks.

  1. Tests will continue to be picked up from schools through the end of the scheduled school year.
  2. The community drop-off locations will operate through 8pm on Thursday, June 22nd.
  3. The lab will run the last tests on Friday, June 23rd.
  4. The K-12 support phone line and email address will stay open until Friday, June 30th.

You’ll be able to log into the LabFinder website until the evening of Thursday, June 29th. If you need to access any of your student’s past test results after that point, they will remain part of their OHSU electronic medical record.

Please dispose of any unused test kits and extra labels.

If you need to contact us for any reason, please do so before 5pm on Friday, June 30th. Please call 503-418-8500 or email k12covidtesting@ohsu.edu if you need assistance.

We were honored to partner with the Oregon Health Authority and K-12 schools throughout Oregon in order to provide this valuable service and help keep schools open for learning over the past two years.