We’ve teamed up with Trak Fertility to offer you the most convenient, private, at home semen analysis kit.

Whether you and your lovely lady are trying to get pregnant faster, or if you’re just curious about how healthy your little guys are, this is the test for you!

What is Track Fertility?

Track is the only FDA cleared, at-home sperm test that measures sperm concentration into 3 categories: Low, Moderate, or Optimal for conception. The Track result categories are based on World Health Organization guidelines and clinical studies that show having an Optimal sperm concentration statistically reduces the influence of other sperm parameters including motility and morphology on fertility outcomes. To put this simply, the higher the count, the better your chances of conception.

How does Trak Fertility work?

The Track System includes everything you need to test your sperm count and volume at home. No trips to the clinic. No mailing in your sample. No hassle. Testing is easy, immediate, and accurate.

Why Trak?

Men are the cause of infertility 40-50% of the time.

Low sperm counts are a leading cause of infertility and can delay your getting pregnant. Sperm counts aren’t set in stone. Trak personalized recommendations could be much faster and cheaper than invasive tests and procedures, especially those that focus only on her.

Improve your fertility in just 90 days. Purchase Trak, measure where you are today, and take our assessment to get your personalized recommendations. Improve your sperm count and watch your Trak tests improve.

You’re not alone. Many men have improved their sperm counts with Trak and then gotten pregnant! You can, too. 90 days of sperm-friendly living can make a big impact on your count, fertility, and chances of pregnancy.

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