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Factors in Finding a Medical Lab Near Me
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Factors in Finding a Medical Lab Near Me
Feb 07, LabFinder Team

With so many search tools and ever-increasing access to information, the question you should ask yourself isn’t how do I find labs near me, but what factors do I consider when vetting those labs? Doctor’s visits are stressful enough without the added pressure of a treasure hunt to find the best and closest blood lab or diagnostic lab. When it comes to your and your families’ health, it’s important to consider all factors in addition to proximity that might affect your experience.
There are many resources to turn to when looking for a lab near you. Yelp, the Yellow Pages, even a simple Google search, will all provide accurate locations. Sites that have vetted reputable labs regionally, such as the Wadsworth Center Department of Health are helpful resources as well. However, consider carefully the information you might miss looking for a lab using a Google search. Unless you’re adept at cross-referencing different sites, or you accidentally land on a reputable database, there are several aspects to consider and compare that you won’t find easily on Google. Price, reputation, reliability and ease of collecting and communicating your results should all factor into your decision. Here are some others to consider when conducting a search for “medical labs near me”:

Is the lab reputable?

Sometimes the most well-known, nationally recognized labs such as Quest Diagnostics and Sunrise labs aren’t always the easiest to get to, but you can find regional labs near you that are equally reputable if you take the time to vet them and read reviews. Perhaps even run some names by your doctor after a quick Google search.

Finding-LabDoes it offer the tests I need?

Your reason for seeking out a lab, whether you are getting your blood taken, having an MRI or CT Scan, or receiving a mammogram or heart screening, can determine where you go. Search carefully before scheduling your appointment so you don’t end up in a lab that doesn’t administer your test. Consider the specificity of your search to get what you want: instead of “labs near me” try “blood lab near me,” “diagnostic labs near me” or “medical lab near me.”

Is the lab in my network?

Too often people are hit with serious sticker shock upon receiving medical bills from testing facilities because they don’t take the time to ensure that the lab is covered by their insurance. Your doctor might be in network, but that doesn’t mean he’ll refer you to a lab that’s also in network. Research now to avoid surprises later.

Can I get my results easily?

When you first book your appointment, check to determine how and when your lab results will be accessible to you so that you aren’t tied to your phone waiting for to hear back about your test.

Are my results accessible to doctors?

In addition to making sure you have easy access to your results, it’s also important to ensure communication of those results to those who need them.  When you are calling labs, inquire about systems in which all your doctors can have access to your lab results in one place.

Is my medical information all in one place?

Having a centralized place for all of your previous medical tests and results also keeps your medical history organized, which helps to avoid unnecessary repetition of certain tests in the future.

Take your time researching to ensure you’re getting comprehensive information about reputable labs that make sense for you. While many people rely on word of mouth recommendations, there are centralized databases like www.labfinder.com built specifically with these considerations in mind. Labfinder will ease the process by vetting all of the elements above in a single, simple search.


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