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Our Founders

Dr. Robert Segal Dr. Robert Segal Co-founder / CEO

As a board-certified cardiologist and entrepreneur, Dr. Segal sets the vision and manages the strategic and operational direction for the LabFinder team. He began practicing medicine in 2002 after completing his residency at Long Island Jewish Medical Center and his cardiovascular fellowship at Maimonides Medical Center. Since then, he’s founded several businesses, including Medical Offices of Manhattan and Manhattan Cardiology. With LabFinder, he’s dedicated to improving patient health and the healthcare experience. He lives in New York City with his wife Kira and four children.

Dr. Robert Segal Chris Cecora Co-founder / CIO

Chris oversees all areas of technology and product for LabFinder, bringing a consumer-first focus to healthcare. Chris graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Business Computer Information Systems and Computer Science. He began his career as a technology professional, building and managing large-scale enterprise networks. Before co-founding LabFinder, Chris started and ran an IT consulting company. He lives in New York City.

Meet our team

Get tested, live healthy. We’re here to help.

Morgan Selby
Morgan Selby Chief Strategy Officer
Tyler DeRaffele
Tyler DeRaffele Director of Growth
Lhean pyle
Lhean Albayda Chief Customer Officer
Dr. Kamila Seilhan
Dr. Kamila Seilhan Chief Medical Officer
Shawn Chen
Shawn Chen Head Engineer
Reed McGuire
Reed McGuire Account Executive
Victoria Leon
Victoria Leon Graphic Designer, UX UI
Ron Lebow
Ron Lebow General Counsel
Craig Gruen
Craig Gruen Marketing Manager
Nadine Coley- Johnson
Nadine Coley- Johnson Chief Operations Officer
Raquel Perez
Raquel Perez COVID Compliance Officer
Anwuli Odigo
Anwuli Odigo Accounts Payable
Dyan Rubin
Dyan Rubin Sales Representative
Alana Fierce
Alana Fierce Business Development Representative
Shelline Artes
Shelline Artes Sales Representative
Sohleil Martinez
Sohleil Martinez Prior Auth Manager

Our Milestones

  • Founded LabFinder
  • First test booked on the platform
  • Partnered with RadNet
  • Launched DocFinder, a provider network for sending and sharing referrals
  • Announced LabFinder and Uber partnership to book rides to their appointments
  • Labcorp joined the LabFinder network
  • Launched community COVID testing platforms
  • LabFinder hit 1 million users
  • Launched virtual proctoring for employer testing programs
  • Opened Atlanta office