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MinuteMed Express (MME)

  • Who is MinuteMed?

    MinuteMed is LabFinder’s telehealth service that provides patients access to high-quality diagnostic testing (lab and imaging) supervised by licensed medical professionals.

  • What is a doctor’s order?

    An instruction written by a medical practitioner that authorizes the patient to be provided a medical test.

  • Why do I need a doctor’s oversight?

    Physician oversight creates responsible testing. It is necessary to have physician supervision to receive an order for testing. Your doctor or medical provider can then evaluate your results once they are available.

  • What if I already have a doctor’s order?

    If you have already received your test order from your current provider, you can upload the order into your Labfinder account to book your appointment.

  • Can I book a test without a doctor’s order?

    If you do not have the appropriate test order from a medical provider, many facilities will refuse medical testing. We also require physician oversight regardless if an exam requires a doctor order, to encourage responsible testing.

  • Is MinuteMed covered by my insurance?

    No. We do not accept insurance, FSA, or HSA cards. However, you can receive a receipt/invoice to submit to your insurance company for consideration against your deductible.

  • Does the $55 fee cover the cost of my test?

    MinuteMed's medical oversight fee is $55 for responsible testing. This means the $55 allows a MinuteMed medical provider to get your test order & review your results. This fee does not cover the cost of the test. Testing costs depend on factors such as insurance coverage, payment method, and the type of test requested.

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  • Is my information secure?

    Yes. Any and all sensitive information you share with LabFinder remains private and confidential. LabFinder ensures that your Patient Health Information (PHI) is secure, and has implemented many safeguards to protect its devices, services and systems consistent with HIPAA and leading industry security standards.

  • How do I update my profile information?

    Once you are logged into your LabFinder account, you can navigate to the “Profile” page.

  • How do I update my email address?

    LabFinder treats your email address as unique, so you cannot edit this in your profile page. Instead, use the webpage chat feature to contact customer support and request an email update. You can also request accounts to be merged, if you have duplicate accounts. You can email or call LabFinder customer service as well.