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Team Member Spotlight: Meet Lhean!
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Team Member Spotlight: Meet Lhean!
Apr 26, LabFinder Team

At LabFinder, we believe in bringing the human element back to healthcare. We’re here to make it easy to schedule a medical test, and that’s important because it could save your life! LabFinder is built to be different, and that starts with the people behind the platform. One of the major driving forces behind anything that happens at LabFinder is Lhean Pyle, our Operations Manager. Get to know Lhean and learn how the work she does empowers patients.


When did you start at LabFinder?

I started full-time with LabFinder in December of 2016 and have been with this amazing team for 2 years now.

What did you do before starting with LabFinder?

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science In Mapua University in Makati City, Philippines. I used to be a Business Analyst and focused on EDI and B2B industries. Medical industry was introduced to me when I moved here in New York 6 years ago. I started as a billing encoder and after 4 years, I left my position as Supervisor to join LabFinder as a Customer Relationship Manager. Now, I am currently the Operations Manager. 

How is LabFinder different from other companies or organizations in the industry?

I have really found my purpose in LabFinder and love that we are working to make healthcare more accessible and easier for everyone, logistically speaking. I love watching our ideas grow and become our reality.

What’s your favorite thing about working at LabFinder?

Working with consumers and making them happy is my main goal. I get to utilize my communication skills as well as my proficiency with technology to make people’s lives better. I found my new family with the LabFinder team, and that relationship is priceless!

What do you like to do in your spare time? What are your hobbies / passions?

In my free time, I usually watch movies or jump on a video call with my family. I love seeing shows on Broadway and I also love eating Asian food, especially Japanese and Thai. My passion, to be honest, is working. I love everything organized and in its place. I love working hard to achieve my goals and strongly believe that in the end, it will all pay off. My family (my husband, parents, and sister) are my strength and inspiration. I promised myself that I would visit my hometown once a year and enjoy the fruits of my labor.


At LabFinder, our team is the driving force behind an industry-disrupting platform. We all believe that medical tests should be accessible and easily available to everyone, no matter how busy your schedule may be. Sign up with LabFinder today to take charge of your health and remember — one test can save your life!


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LabFinder is a no-cost, online platform for people to easily schedule their medical tests and view results securely. The LabFinder team is passionate about improving the ‘patient and doctor experience’ through better communication, reduce out-of-pocket expenses and making everyone know more about their own medical tests. The mission of LabFinder is simple: we want to be solution to you and get you the test results you deserve so you can make right choices about your health.