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Men’s Health Month: The 3 Medical Tests Every Man Needs
June 15, 20184 min read
By: LabFinder Team
Medically reviewed by: Dr. Robert Segal, M.D.

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When you think about establishing healthy habits, staying active and cleaning up your diet come to mind, but what about routine medical tests? June is Men’s Health Month — and we’re calling out the 3 medical tests that every man needs. To book your medical test today, just click the name of the test and you’ll have an appointment in no time!

Prostate Cancer 

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Prostate cancer is the leading cancer among men. This means that 1 out of every 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. The American Cancer Society recommends that men should begin scheduling regular screenings at age 50, while men with a higher risk of prostate cancer should start earlier. Elevated risks include a family history or any of the following symptoms: frequent need to urinate, difficulty starting or stopping a stream of urine, and/or a burning sensation during urination. Loss of weight and appetite, fatigue, and nausea may also be signs of prostate issues. To screen for prostate cancer, the amount of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in your blood is measured. It’s a simple blood test that you can (and should) schedule right now.

STD Panel 

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Periodically getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases (and ensuring that any new potential partners do the same) is one of the best ways to protect yourself. We know it’s not a fun topic to discuss, but it is a conversation that could save your (or your partner’s) life. There are roughly 20 million new STD cases in the US every year with nearly half of them occurring in people between the ages of 15-22. Just because the stats for new cases skews younger — doesn’t mean you don’t need to get tested! Sexually Transmitted Diseases can be contracted through nearly any sexual contact with a partner, meaning that no form of protection is 100% effective! As a reminder, some people experience minimal symptoms or even none at all but are still very much able to pass the condition on to others. What we mean is — anyone who is sexually active should schedule an STD Panel right away.

Testosterone Level

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Testosterone is a hormone that your body starts producing during puberty. From 30 on, however, your testosterone levels start to slowly taper off at the rate of roughly 1% per year. Testosterone levels influence so many of your bodily functions that any substantial drops can mean major changes. Low testosterone levels can lead to infertility, erectile dysfunction, and an overall decrease in sex drive. Physically, you may experience chronic fatigue and decreased strength and muscle mass. Low testosterone levels don’t only affect your physical health, but can also take an emotional toll — bringing feelings of sadness and/or depression and may even disrupt your sleep schedule. If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, or are over age 40, it’s time to schedule a testosterone level test.

At LabFinder, we believe in empowering patients to take control of their healthcare. Sign up for a free account and schedule any of the above appointments right from your computer or smartphone! This Men’s Health Month, take charge of your health and get tested – it could save your life!


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Written by: LabFinder Team / Approved by: Dr. Robert Segal, M.D.