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LabFinder is now working with Male Fertility Testing System ‘Trak Fertility’
June 25, 20191 min read
By: LabFinder Team
Medically reviewed by: Dr. Robert Segal, M.D.

June is Men’s Health Month, so we’ve partnered with one of the premier male fertility testing systems – Trak Fertility. 

The two-test male fertility kit now available on our site makes testing extremely convenient by eliminating any lab visits most fertility tests require, is rather simple to use and is FDA-approved.

TrakFertility helps men to test sperm count and semen volume. The system includes a Trak engine, sperm count tests, semen volume cups,  and a 27-page man’s guide to reproductive health. 

Here’s how Trak Fertility works: 

1) COLLECT: Collect a sample into the Trak Semen Volume Cup and read your semen volume. 

2) LOAD: Load the sample into a test Prop and attach to the Engine.

3) READ: After the 6-minute spin, read your sperm count results.

It’s that simple! You can get results immediately, accurately and in the privacy of your own home. More and more families-to-be are relying on this revolutionary new fertility system to help them become fully-realized families. 

Order the 2 Test Kit from TrakFertility today and take the first step towards creating the family unit you’ve always wanted. 

Visit Trak Fertility on LabFinder.com to order a test today!

Written by: LabFinder Team / Approved by: Dr. Robert Segal, M.D.