LabQ Joins Labfinder: Convenient Booking for COVID-19 Testing

2 min read

We are excited to announce that Labfinder is now working with LabQ to make it easier than ever to schedule a PCR Swab COVID-19 test in the New York City area. 

What is LabQ?

LabQ is a New York-based medical testing lab which is dedicated to providing people with fast, accurate test results. They currently have dozens of convenient and easily accessible mobile testing sites located throughout New York City. Labfinder’s online booking platform can now be used to schedule an appointment at any of these sites. 

For your convenience, you can also fill out pre-screening questions through Labfinder before you get to the testing location. This allows you to get all necessary paperwork out of the way to expedite the process and save you time.

Getting a test at a LabQ location does not require insurance and there is no cost to book an appointment. If you do book your appointment through an insurance provider, it will likewise be fully covered with no charge to you.


Need a COVID test? Labfinder makes it easy.


Labfinder is the easy-to-use scheduling platform to connect healthcare consumers with the right providers for them. Unobstructed access to test results has never been more important than since the start of the COVID pandemic, and we have worked hard to adapt to this new reality. 

Our work bringing people together with lab companies has helped us grow by 300% this year, and we’ve also been able to help labs expand their reach and capability to help as many people as possible. Instead of booking through insurance providers, Labfinder lets patients take control of their own health and easily handle the whole process of booking an appointment and receiving their test results.

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