How Can I Book A Lab Test Without A Doctor’s Referral?

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How Can I Book A Lab Test Without A Doctor’s Referral?


Being able to get accurate test results in a timely manner is an indispensable component of quality healthcare. Diagnostic testing is crucial to making the right healthcare decisions in most instances, and this is especially true in light of the coronavirus pandemic. The realities of COVID have also often made it more of a challenge to get needed medical care. It can be a headache for patients to connect with testing centers and labs to get the medical tests that they need – not just coronavirus testing, but also diagnostic procedures like blood tests and mammograms.


Labfinder Connects Patients to Labs & Diagnostic Centers Faster

Labfinder helps labs and diagnostic centers bridge that divide to get accurate results back to patients faster and at a lower cost. We streamline the process, allowing doctors to book appointments for their patients or patients to do it themselves, as well as facilitating the convenient transmission of test results on the same platform through our HIPAA-compliant storage system. 


While this platform can connect patients to a provider in their insurance network, uninsured patients who are paying out of pocket can also use Labfinder to find the most convenient lab or imaging center at the most competitive price. In states which allow Direct Access Testing, patients will be able to schedule their own testing directly with the medical lab, without needing an order from a physician. However, if a doctor’s referral is required, we also offer Minutemed Express, a virtual primary care team, to allow patients to connect directly with a physician from the convenience and comfort of their own home.


Getting the medical tests that you need is too important to put off. Labfinder makes it easy, efficient, and cost-effective to get the results you need to make the right healthcare decisions.


About Minutemed Express

Labfinder is proud to be partnered with Minutemed Express, a virtual primary care team with over 30 years of clinical experience which allows you to make telehealth appointments and talk to board-certified physicians from the comfort of your own home. It’s fast, secure, convenient, and in most cases costs less than your insurance copay would be for a regular doctor’s visit. Minutemed telehealth appointments should not be considered to be a replacement for seeing your primary care physician, but can help you find answers to healthcare questions, get a doctor’s referral for testing, and make better, more informed decisions about your health.