Avoid Surprise Bills by Using LabFinder!

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Tell us if this sounds familiar: you go in for an important healthcare appointment, thinking it will be affordable through your health insurance. Then when you finally get the bill it’s bigger than you were expecting and, even worse, your insurance claim has been denied.  Unfortunately, this experience is far from uncommon in the United States, and the consequences can be serious. If there’s a mistake on your healthcare bill, you can often fix things through your insurer, but the process is rarely a simple one, and just getting an explanation in plain English can be an ordeal.

Billing errors can be caused by a number of common miscommunications. Sometimes you will accidentally be billed for canceled appointments or get multiple bills for the same medical care. Sometimes switching insurance plans and providers may result in the wrong plan being billed, affecting your coverage. Doctors often have too many patients and not enough time to document all of the details of each patient visit, let alone talk directly to administrative and billing staff, which means that bills are often produced based on doctors’ notes which don’t give enough information. All of these can pose major obstacles to presenting the patient with the correct medical bill.


This kind of telephone game where you’re getting bounced back and forth between doctors, specialists, billing departments, and your insurance company can make it exhausting and time-consuming to get the problem sorted out. It takes patience and diligence to get to the bottom of the issue, and many patients will end up paying the incorrect bill because they either don’t spot the issue or aren’t able to go through all the rigamarole required to get it fixed. In some cases, frustrations like these can even lead people to distrust their insurance coverage and put off getting necessary medical testing and care.


Labfinder is here to reduce this deficit by simplifying the search for medical care, reducing unnecessary back-and-forth, and ultimately making sure that you know exactly how much your healthcare is going to cost before your appointment so you don’t have to deal with any nasty surprises when your bill arrives.

We believe that looking for healthcare should be simple, and not something that takes hours wasted on researching your insurance plan or spending time on hold with your provider. Our no-cost platform offers a unique algorithm which shows nearby providers in your network for a wide range of healthcare and diagnostic testing. Because your insurance information is already stored on the same platform where you are scheduling your appointment, there’s no risk of the wrong insurance plan getting billed. Labfinder also shows you the real cost of your appointment in advance, so you know exactly what to expect even if you don’t have health insurance.


Not only does this save you unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses, it also helps facilitate communication between insurance providers, doctors, and labs. We cut down on costly miscommunications by maintaining a solid chain of information, and even allowing you to schedule followup tests and receive your lab results, all on one innovative online platform. Using Labfinder to schedule your medical appointments means simpler searches, better communication, and no more hidden costs.


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