Why RadNet Launched Its First-Ever Online Scheduling Service with LabFinder

How LabFinder expanded the offerings for a national leader in radiology, RadNet.

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As a national leader in outpatient imaging, RadNet has 350 imaging centers in seven states. RadNet completes more than 8 million outpatient imaging procedures annually, which includes digital X-rays, MRIs, PET and CT scans, bone density scans, mammograms, ultrasounds, and many other types of imaging.

The challenge

RadNet prides itself on being an innovative company and was voted the “Most Wired” imaging company by Imaging Technology News for its business systems, interoperability, and reading tools. With these back-end solutions in place, by 2017 RadNet began to focus on customer-facing features, particularly online scheduling. Traditionally, it can be complicated for patients to schedule imaging appointments, particularly because of testing requirements and restricted schedules for certain types of tests. Due to high patient volume, outpatient imaging centers can become congested, with extended backlogs in treatment and long call center wait times. Having identified this industry-wide issue, RadNet saw an opportunity to increase patient access across platforms, reducing treatment delays and improving patient satisfaction.

The innovation

In 2017, Lenox Hill Radiology (LHR), an affiliate of RadNet, collaborated with LabFinder to deliver scheduling and results integrations for their New York imaging centers, eventually expanding into the rest of RadNet’s East Coast operations. LabFinder is leveraging that success to open up scheduling for RadNet’s West Coast imaging centers.

The result

LabFinder provided scheduling services for every modality offered by LHR, shifting patients off of busy phone lines and helping to grow LHR’s consumer presence. LHR serves a wide range of patients, and LabFinder became an important tool for those consumers to gain access its services.

“Convenience is a hallmark of our patients’ experience at Lenox Hill Radiology. As we looked for innovative ways to reinforce that convenience, we embarked on the partnership with LabFinder. LabFinder’s robust online booking system made it simple for our patients to schedule a visit, and simple for us to process those bookings. Patients now have easier, expanded access. LabFinder has adapted to our needs as we grow our footprint, continuing to improve our patient experience along the way.”

-Vickie Bedel, Senior Vice President of Operations for RadNet

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