3 Tips to Get the Most Out of LabFinder

If you’re not using these LabFinder tools, you’re missing out.

3 min read

LabFinder helps optimize your testing or imaging business with white-label scheduling tools, a dedicated lab page, patient reviews, and so much more. But signing up for LabFinder is just Step One. There are a few simple tips for how you can maximize your LabFinder experience to get the most out of the platform and deliver the best possible experience for your patients.

1. Sync your calendar.

Syncing your calendar with LabFinder’s scheduling system is the easiest way to ease the burden on your staff and streamline the scheduling process. When patients click on an available time on LabFinder, they want instant confirmation that the appointment has been secured at your testing center. If your calendar is not synced, they may have to wait.

We get it: Some tests have conditions or can’t be set for certain times. The good news is that LabFinder’s platform is compatible with your needs. We offer integrations for scheduling, orders, results, transferring patient information, and more. We can interface with nearly any platform, just ask and our tech team can make it happen.

2. Fill out your lab profile page.

Without a robust digital presence, you’re behind your competitors. The good news is that by simply being a part of the LabFinder network, patients will be able to more easily look up your testing center and make appointments. Plus, past patients can leave verified reviews on your page, which can be a major boost when new patients are scoping out whether they want to book with you.

But to get the absolute most out of LabFinder, complete your lab profile page. This gives patients crucial information about your business and also may help boost your profile’s search engine optimization (SEO). Here are some examples of information you may want to include:

  • Your testing center’s founding date or how long you’ve been in operation.
  • How many testing centers you have.
  • What services or tests you offer.
  • Your value propositions for patients. Do you care about making tests or imaging cost effective? Are you focused on delivering high-quality care? Emphasize your testing center’s best qualities so you stand out from other businesses.

3. Enable LabFinder’s Telehealth Solution, MinuteMed.

Many tests require doctor’s orders, which can be a burden on patients who don’t have the time or ability to visit a doctor before getting the test they need. That’s where MinuteMed comes in. MinuteMed is a trusted telehealth solution from LabFinder. For a small fee, our team of board-certified providers will review a patient’s health assessment and, when appropriate, supply doctor’s order. For most tests and images, MinuteMed orders are approved within 15 minutes. MinuteMed is now available for a select number of tests. If MinuteMed is possible for the services you provide, it can remove a barrier for the patients trying to book at your testing center. Learn more about our test center solutions.