Powering Healthcare Excellence: BioReference and LabFinder Drive Digital Health Transformation

BioReference Laboratories partners with LabFinder to simplify patient experience while increasing marketplace visibility.

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In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, staying ahead of the digital curve is crucial to deliver reliable and convenient solutions to patients and healthcare providers. Recognizing the need to remain at the forefront of digital healthcare advancements, BioReference, a leading full-service laboratory with four decades of scientific expertise, has partnered with LabFinder.

The collaboration between BioReference and LabFinder marks a significant milestone in the healthcare industry. Combining BioReference’s extensive expertise and credibility with LabFinder’s customizable solutions and a patient-centric approach, both organizations are dedicated to enhancing the digital health experience for patients and providers alike. This strategic alliance aims to optimize patient traffic, streamline bookings, and drive advancements in healthcare services.

BioReference: A Leader in Laboratory Services

BioReference, the largest full-service specialty laboratory in the United States, is dedicated to serving patients across its extensive network of 122 locations in 11 states. With a comprehensive test menu covering genetics, oncology, urology, and women’s health, BioReference has become a trusted household name in diagnostic care. Catering to over 19 million patients annually, they offer customizable healthcare solutions that meet the unique needs of patients and providers alike.

Driven by a commitment to innovation, BioReference continually strives to deliver cutting-edge solutions that enhance the patient experience. Through their partnership with LabFinder, they can leverage LabFinder’s marketplace to create a seamless and efficient healthcare journey for patients and providers. This collaboration ensures that patients can easily access BioReference’s exceptional services while healthcare providers benefit from streamlined processes and enhanced connectivity.

LabFinder: Empowering Providers and Patients

LabFinder empowers healthcare providers with customizable tools designed to enhance their services. Its user-friendly interface allows patients to conveniently book appointments 24/7, ensuring accessibility and flexibility to accommodate busy schedules. Providers can use LabFinder’s customizable pages to boost their visibility, attract potential patients, and instill confidence in their services. LabFinder also offers telehealth oversight from board-certified physicians through MinuteMed, optimizing the online patient experience and scheduling flow.

The partnership between BioReference and LabFinder expands patients’ access to BioReference’s services through LabFinder’s marketplace. LabFinder’s advanced technology and patient-centric approach align seamlessly with BioReference’s commitment to delivering high-quality diagnostic solutions, improving patients’ healthcare experiences and resulting in increased patient engagement.

Reshaping Digital Healthcare with LabFinder

With BioReference’s scientific excellence and LabFinder’s comprehensive platform, patients can experience a seamless journey, from quickly booking appointments to receiving reliable diagnostic solutions. This synergy between advanced technology and scientific expertise reshapes the healthcare landscape, focusing on efficiency and patient-centered care. The partnership reflects their unwavering commitment to ensuring that patients receive the highest quality care precisely when they need it the most. By leveraging their combined strengths, BioReference and LabFinder are driving advancements that will shape the future of healthcare.

If you are ready to enhance your digital offerings, streamline your processes, and increase patient satisfaction, schedule a demo with LabFinder.