COVID, Flu, TB, or Allergies?

Your checklist to determine what ails you this cold and flu season.

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Use our handy checklist below to compare symptoms. Note that this is just a guide and should not be considered a substitute for advice from your doctor. Some symptom overlaps may make it difficult to decipher what you have. Remember: If you’re in doubt, particularly about whether you have COVID, get tested. LabFinder makes it easy by offering convenient scheduling for tests near you and script oversight from board-certified physicians through our telehealth service, MinuteMed

A tickle in your throat. A sneeze. A runny nose. A cough. Uh oh…something’s up. Figuring out what’s making you feel sick can be critical to getting the best treatment as soon as possible. Taking an antihistamine to treat allergies is very different from taking antivirals for the flu. Plus, if what you have is contagious, you’ll want to do your part in preventing others from getting ill. Keep yourself and loved ones safe by getting tested.