Your Checklist for a Healthy Holiday

Don't miss these top health and hygiene tips for a safe and joyous holiday!

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The holiday season is a time for joy, laughter, and good cheer—make sure you aren’t spreading anything else! In order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe throughout the holiday season, which is filled with gatherings, travel, and festive activities, it is imperative that you maintain proper hygiene practices. Keeping your health and cleanliness in mind throughout the holidays is a breeze with this easy checklist:

Hand hygiene

  • Be sure to wash your hands often, particularly after touching food, going to the bathroom, or being in a public area.
  • Scrub your hands thoroughly with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds, being sure to reach every surface.
  • When you can’t find soap or water, have an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol) on hand.

Respiratory etiquette

  • Wearing a mask may help prevent the transmission of germs, especially in busy or indoor areas. This is particularly important if you or someone you are near is sick.
  • When you cough or sneeze, it’s polite to cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow to prevent the droplets from spreading.

Disinfecting your workspace

  • Keep doorknobs, worktops, and electronics (and anything else that people contact often) clean and disinfected at all times.
  • To keep the transmission of germs to a minimum, it is important to clean common areas on a regular basis, whether you are hosting or attending a gathering.

Food safety

  • Food poisoning may be prevented with proper handling techniques, such as washing produce well before eating it and cooking meat to the correct temperature.
  • Prevent the formation of microorganisms by swiftly storing leftovers in the refrigerator.

Personal health

  • If you are sick, stay home from parties so you don’t spread your disease to other people.
  • In order to keep your immune system robust, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes drinking water, getting adequate sleep, and eating nutritious meals.

Checking the list for a health holiday

Save this checklist to keep your family safe and healthy this holiday season.

You can protect yourself and the people you care about from being sick by adding some simple but crucial hygiene practices to your holiday routine. This will allow you to enjoy a holiday season that is full of happiness and good health. If you want to remain healthy throughout this lovely time of the year, keep in mind that even the little actions you take to improve your hygiene may have a significant impact.

Protect your friends and loved ones by getting tested

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