Help Patients Find Your Diagnostic Center in 2024

The new year has arrived, and it’s time to start tackling your 2024 growth goals.

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The beginning of the year can create some challenges for medical practices and lab and radiology centers to get more patient traffic in the door. Many patients rushed to get their tests and doctor appointments completed before the new year when insurance deductibles were met. However, patient care and testing still remain top priorities, and getting your center’s visibility is too.

Patient referrals alone are no longer as effective as they once were, as patients are more inclined to do their own research online. The best way to create more visibility for your diagnostic center is creating the right digital marketing strategy.

Target the right patients through digital marketing tactics

In today’s world of oversaturation, it is important to strategically target the right patients that will be the right fit to use your center for testing. A few ways to do this are through paid Google searches, creating educational content, and building remarketing campaigns.

Creating a Google ad campaign by bidding on keywords like your center’s name and tests is a great place to start. Make sure your ads are in close proximity to your locations. Patients seek convenience, and a large radius will reduce quality appointments and visibility by the right patients.

Educational content is very important to increase visibility and strengthen your industry perception. Building educational content that relates to your testing, will boost SEO and give more solutions to the research patients are doing online. Setting the tone that you are the expert and creating patient solutions will increase visibility and traffic for your center.

Remarketing campaigns are also very helpful to keep visibility high and push patients through the sales funnel. If a patient goes to book an appointment but fails to complete booking, through backend web tools, you can pull those patients into an automated drip campaign. The automated drip campaign can send email reminders to complete booking or push educational content tailored to that test.

How LabFinder can help with visibility

Creating a robust digital marketing strategy can take a lot of resources and time. The good news is when you become a part of the LabFinder platform, you get a digital marketing strategy implemented by the LabFinder marketing team. Not to mention, you get the benefits of the LabFinder brand to help drive patients to the platform and then to your center’s SEO optimized landing page to schedule an appointment.

LabFinder uses all the above digital marketing strategies to help boost your center’s visibility to the right patients. More than just increasing patient volume, LabFinder’s goal is to get you quality patient leads so that your patient volume increases in the right way.

LabFinder offers advanced solutions for laboratories and radiology centers looking to increase patient engagement and streamline the patient experience—learn more.