Create Responsible Testing with Doctor’s Oversight

Learn what Doctor’s Oversight means and why it is important for testing.

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Is it time for a mammogram? Did your current provider recommend a test, or are you trying to be proactive and get tested for a condition/illness that runs in your family? No matter why you are getting tested, you should receive a doctor’s oversight.

What is Doctor’s Oversight?

Doctor’s oversight is having a board-certified medical professional oversee your testing, whether that means getting you the required documents, like a test/doctor’s order, also known as a script, if you are eligible to receive the test. A doctor’s oversight is also important for result interpretation, regardless of whether your test requires a doctor’s order/script. When you receive test results, they are difficult to read without doctor annotation. Additionally, you need to understand what the test means in terms of your next steps in your health journey. If your test shows an abnormality or your levels are slightly below the recommended level, you need to know what to do next.

Without a doctor’s oversight, you can’t be guided in the right direction for informed medical decisions. With it, you will be able to create a game plan with a board-certified medical professional to help you get healthy.

Do I have to go in-person to receive Doctor’s Oversight?

Unless you choose to visit your current provider, seeing a doctor in person is not necessary to receive doctor’s oversight for testing. There are telehealth alternatives such as LabFinder’s MinuteMed that help bridge the gap for responsible testing. Integrating doctor’s oversight for tests with telehealth solutions create a seamless approach for a patient’s health journey.

On the diagnostic center’s side, it streamlines patient care by allowing the patient to get all the required documents for the test and limiting delays in testing. It also creates more efficiency and limits strain on the diagnostic center’s resources. Overall, creating a better patient experience.

If you are ready to get on the right path for your health and want an easier and more streamlined process to get laboratory and radiology testing, look into telehealth solutions like MinuteMed.