The Story

Robert Segal, MD and Chris Cecora, friends for over 20 years came together to create LabFinder in 2015. Dr. Segal, a NYC practicing Cardiologist for over 15 years was tired of the gaps in healthcare. Dr. Segal was frustrated and tired of too many patients not having the ability to schedule their diagnostic tests as well as access their medical test results. Robert and Chris began LabFinder on a mission to close the communication gap between patients, providers, payers, and diagnostic centers.

Our Mission

We believe in bringing the human element back to healthcare and built something special, a missing puzzle piece within our healthcare ecosystem. With 70% of medical decisions based on lab results, the LabFinder team understands that improving your knowledge of your test results and making the communication between patient and doctor meaningful are the first steps towards developing the best treatment options as well as detecting and preventing disease.

For Patients

LabFinder empowers patients to select medical test centers based on location, reviews, and insurance participation and securely access test results on any device. Since patients hold on to their results, doctors are able to make medical decisions with the patient right on the spot, making their appointments much more effective.

For Providers

The goal of empowering patients leads to better communication with their providers, to less delays in diagnosis and thereby will lead to less malpractice claims. Also, improvement in office efficiency because doctors' staff does not have to spend time retrieving results for patients during office visits. Office morale is improved.

For Diagnostics Centers

The LabFinder scheduling platform means more business for you by bringing new and returning patients and healthcare professionals. We are able to directly market to healthcare providers and to patients and healthcare providers about your test center.