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35% of LabFinder patients booked after hours.

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Our platform allows more patients to find you so you can grow your business.

Reduce no-shows

Reduce no-shows
Patients get a clear timeline showing their appointments

Improve office efficiency

Improve office efficiency
Remove unnecessary phone calls, scanning, and faxing

Maximize availability

Maximize availability
Fill your schedule and last minute openings

Attract more patients

Attract more patients
Over 325K LabFinder patients can find you.
How doctors and patients find you, 24/7 Online Booking
How Doctors & Patients find you
List Your Profile

Be listed

Patients and doctors find you on our website.

24/7 Online Booking

When your office is closed or phones are busy, patients can still schedule an appointment.

Enhance Your Brand

Dedicated profile page and help attract more doctors and patients.

Simple booking

Patients choose a test, time, and location.

Patient Reviews

Bolster your online reputation with patient and doctor reviews.

Enhance your brand, Simple booking,Patient Reviews
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Automatic reminders, Instant notification, Boost doctor & patient loyalty

Automatic reminders

Text and email notifications about upcoming appointments.

Instant notification

Get alerted when your patients request you.

Boost doctor & patient loyalty

We enhance their experience so they keep coming back.

Features that work for you.

LabFinder Calendar

Manage your appointments smoothly. Handle your openings and choose when times are available.

Activity & Alerts

Don't miss an appointment.

Improve your ROI

Increase business with more customers booking for you.

Easy Integration

We can interface with any platform...just ask.

Features that work for you
LabFinder is capturing media attention.
LabFinder is capturing media attention