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MARIANA R.,Verified patient
ELIS A.,Verified patient
VALERIA M.,Verified patient
Shanna S.,Verified patient
Rana Q.,Verified patient
HERIBERTO O.,Verified patient
NICOLAS V.,Verified patient

I really appreciate Joanny calling to let me know upfront that I would have a high co-pay for this visit. It was considerate and she was very pleasant to speak with.

ERICA K.,Verified patient

Staff was particularly excellent to deal with.

Robert B.,Verified patient

I have had a number of imaging studies done at Union Square Diagnostic
Imaging. Appointments can be made with ease. They have evening hours,
which is helpful if one is busy during the day. The people that greet you in
the reception area are professional, courteous and friendly, making one
feel very comfortable before going in for imaging. There usually isn't a very
long wait. The techs are knowledgable and sensitive, and treat you like a
human being, not like just another number coming through. Since it is two
blocks from my apartment, it is convenient. The results are sent to my Dr.
the next day. I don't think one can ask for more than that!

By Verified patient
American Radiology Services | Waldorf
Our radiologists are board-certified and specialized in diagnosing diseases and injuries through medical imaging. Working with our licensed and registered technologists, they provide accurate results and recommendations for a broad range of imaging studies. Our centers are equipped with the latest imaging technology to provide your physician with superior image quality for more accurate diagnosis, as well as more comfortable exams for patients.

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