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LEONA L.,Verified patient
CARA D.,Verified patient
YURI H.,Verified patient
MATTHEW S.,Verified patient
JOSTHYN T.,Verified patient

intake employees just stared at me as I walked in trying to figure out where to go. Instead of them telling me to check in with the woman at the welcome desk (who was on the phone at the time), they waited for me to ask them after a few minutes went by on where I needed to go and what I needed to do.

MERCEDES F.,Verified patient
Patricia H.,Verified patient
Travis W.,Verified patient
JACEK K.,Verified patient

Always professional and always pleasant. They always great you with a good morning instead of calling your name and asking for your insurance card before a hello. If I have to have a medical test, these are the people I call first and almost always they are able to accommodate my request.
Thank you very much for making any medical test I have event free and all the while compassionate as possible to my needs.

By Verified patient
Lenox Hill Radiology | Astoria
At Lenox Hill Radiology your comfort and well-being is their priority. They know your time is valuable and they treat it as such. Their staff is trained to explain procedures in the simplest of terms or in great detail depending on YOUR need. If you need extra time, extra time is available.

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