RadNet San Fernando Valley of Imaging Specialists of Pasadena

630 South Raymond Avenue Pasadena, California, 91105CAUS

MARIA L.,Verified patient
Siriporn F.,Verified patient
LIRIAN S.,Verified patient
Sandy L.,Verified patient
LAURA L.,Verified patient

I waited unnecessarily for 1/2 hour because the receptionist didn't check to see what I was there for.

Instead of sending me to the Xray check in, she left me sitting in the MOM checkin FOR 1/2 hour.

Because thid office has a multiplicity of functions-patients should be asked "which dept/Dr. they are there for and then ROUTED to the appropriate side.
I was told to sign in and have a seat about little before 2pm.

Had I not walked up to the desk at 2:30pm. I would still be sitting there. She took the strip with my name on it & stuck it to the side of her cubicle.
Upon me asking why I had not been called- she looks at the referral paper I originally gave her & said I need to go to the other check in. She also yrued to pretend as if she could not pronounce my name as to the reason being for her having called my name.

I didn't make a fuss nor did I ask for explanations. She was humanly trying to figure out how to justify this. I kindly walked away and went to the other side which was empty.

VALERIE F.,Verified patient
JESSICA B.,Verified patient
NICOLAS P.,Verified patient
William R.,Verified patient

I have been always scared of big machines scanning my body thinking it would be painful. But the nurses assured me that it is safe and painless. Love to see such accommodating staff.

By Verified patient
RadNet San Fernando Valley of Imaging Specialists of Pasadena
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