The LabFinder Mission

The mission of LabFinder is to empower patients by allowing them to take control of their own health care.

LabFinder strives to make the process of medical lab and radiology testing easier for patients by allowing patients to determine the optimal lab or center based on facility participation in the patient’s own unique health insurance plan and by proximity to the patient’s desired location.

LabFinder goes a step further to give patients direct and easy access to their test results. We serve as a singular central repository for all patient test results, regardless of how many different doctors or labs you are visiting, alleviating the frustration of searching for all your various test results once and for all.

By arming patients with their test results and

knowledge they need, LabFinder hopes to encourage patients to become more proactive about their health in order to demand the best medical assistance available, while simultaneously creating a more efficient process for patients and doctors’ offices to access and review these test results. As a result, patients will love to visit a lab, radiology center, or doctor’s office because they will know their test results, and will be able to seek consultations from providers along the way.

Ultimately, we here at LabFinder aim to improve the quality of healthcare and it’s delivery to patients, with the end goal of assisting in saving more lives. LabFinder understands that improving the quality of communication between patient and doctor is the first step toward developing the best treatment options, as well as in detecting and preventing disease.