What is an HIDA Scan?

A HIDA scan is most often done to evaluate your gallbladder and bile ducts. It’s also used to look at the bile-excreting function of your liver and to track the flow of bile from your liver into your small intestine. A HIDA scan is often used with X-ray and ultrasound.

Who should get a CCK-HIDA Scan?

Your doctor might use a HIDA scan as part of a test to measure the rate at which bile is released from your gallbladder (gallbladder ejection fraction). Doctors also ordered HIDA scan to those patients who have these indications :

  1. Abdominal pain due to Gallbladder Stones.
  2. Gallbladder inflammation (cholecystitis).
  3. Bile duct obstruction.
  4. Cancer that has spread to the bone from other parts of the body.
  5. Congenital abnormalities in the bile ducts, such as biliary atresia.
  6. Postoperative complications, such as bile leaks and fistulas.
  7. Assessment of liver transplant.

Is there radiation involved?

Yes. Nuclear Medicine is an imaging test which involves a small amount of radiation to show pictures of the organs, tissues, and bones of the body.

When will I receive my results?

Once completed, you will receive your results within 3-5 business days in your LabFinder portal.

How do I prepare? Do I need to fast?

Please refer to the simple preparation guidelines or consult with your doctor or radiology center where you are being treated. Do not forget to bring your LabFinder Order and Insurance Card to your appointment.


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