What is a Vitamin B-12 Level test?

Vitamin B-12 Level is a blood test which is used to assess B12 levels in the blood. Vitamin B-12 is involved in brain and nerve functioning, blood cell production. This test may be recommended if the following symptoms are exhibited: tingling hands and feet, confusion, dementia, loss of appetite or weakness.

Who should get this test?

If you have a very low vitamin B-12 level for a long time, it can damage your nervous system. This can cause symptoms such as numbness or tingling in your hands and feet. Damage to your nervous system that is caused by a low vitamin B-12 level can become permanent if you don’t get treatment promptly.

Some people who have low vitamin B-12 levels also have high levels of homocysteine (say: “hoe-moe-sis-teen”), an amino acid (a building block of protein) in the blood. If you have low vitamin B-12 and high homocysteine, you may have a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

Your doctor will find out why you have a low vitamin B-12 level by asking questions about your health, giving you a physical exam, and checking your blood. He or she may also need to do other tests. 

Decreased Vitamin B 12 Levels may cause:

  • Fatigue, shortness of breath and palpitations
  • Tingling or numbness of the fingers or toes
  • General muscle weakness, tender calves
  • Difficulty walking properly, irritability, confusion, forgetfulness 
  • Sore mouth or tongue, weight loss, pale or yellowish skin
  • Menstrual problems, higher susceptibility to infections

When will I receive my results?

Once completed, you will receive your results within 3-5 business days in your LabFinder portal.

How do I prepare? Do I need to fast?

No preparation or fasting required. Just bring your LabFinder Order and Insurance Card to your appointment.

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